Virtual CFO

Financial expertise and discipline are urgent need for SMEs to grow and succeed. High quality finance talent has always been attracted by large corporate and hence denied to SMEs. This has created a systemic talent void at SMEs. 

We realized that the promoters of SMEs were fully focused on growing their business & required a sound finance team to help them take informed decisions.

At the same time, it is also imperative to make this an “affordable” service for SMEs while ensuring that the platform manages the talent by paying market salary and providing great environment conducive to learning and growth. 


We become your partner. Where we focus on area of financial governance, process improvement, MIS & Analytics.

MIS is backbone of decision making. We design and set-up Reliable [Complete, Comprehensive & Comparable], Timely & Insightful MIS.

Thorough understanding of costs and prices and competition

Eliminate bottlenecks in flow of money and ensure optimal cycle time

Ensure laws of the land are complied with

Ensure that the Client’s finance team is trained to deliver high quality